Fresh Expressions
In a world of confusion and uncertainty, the church can offer an oasis of refreshment - God’s love, His grace and the life He offers can quench the thirst for hope.

Southport Church of Christ is like an oasis, a lake if you like, - a settled body of water offering a source of life to the community around it.  However, like any body of water, if there is no freshness flowing into it, it will become stagnant.  Rivers, which are part of lakes, keep the lake fresh - and both need each other.

Here at SCC we believe God has been leading us to begin what we call River Expressions of SCC - to plant new forms of church to connect in fresh ways with the local communities throughout the Gold Coast, working in conjunction with the established Lake.

Rivers meander throughout the landscape, and find their own course. So a river expression might be centered around a coffee morning, or a gardening group or the like - anywhere where people gather and have an opportunity to discuss life, faith and God.

It is around this imagery of water Southport Church of Christ is beginning in the vision to chart new horizons across the Australian landscape, connecting with people from all walks of life, introducing them to Jesus  - and may God receive the glory. 
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