About Us

Southport Church of Christ is located on the beautiful Gold Coast, in Australia. We are associated with Churches of Christ in Australia, which is a collection of churches who share a similar desire for a fresh church expression based on the simple principles of the Bible, and the grace to spread the great news about God's love in a diverse range of meaningful and contemporary ways.

We have been in existence since 1957, located in various parts of Southport throughout that time. We have 350-450 people attend our Sunday morning services, and approximately 200 at our evening services. We also have a large variety of other ministries and activities which take place at different times throughout the week for all ages and stages of life.
We have a number of Pastors, in addition to support staff, and they are ably assisted by a Governance Team, as well as a large contingent of volunteer leaders and workers. We strongly believe in "Every Member Ministry", and are convinced that the future of the church depends on individuals growing in faith in Jesus, and reaching out to our community in a relevant and genuine way to human hurts and hopes.

Purpose Statement:
The Church Of Christ Southport exists to glorify God
Vision Statement:  
To reset mission and outreach as our primary focus and expression of Church
Mission Statement: 
To build a mission-centred, disciple-making church, incarnating Christ, beginning at Southport, then across the northern Gold Coast as a network of diverse, fresh Christian Community Expressions, impacting the world.
Our Values:
Commitment to Prayer; Church growth by conversion and discipleship; Dependence on the Holy Spirit; Every member ministry; Integrity in operation; Dignity of the individual; Our conservative evangelical theological heritage.